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28th-Dec-2011 07:22 pm(no subject)
001-014 // Ashley Greene
015-061 // Doctor Who
062-071 // Florence & The Machine
072-078 // Game of Thrones
079-080 // Elle Fanning
081-088 // Emma Watson
089-092 // The Hunger Games
093-101 // Into the Wild
102-106 // Jennifer Lawrence
107-112 // Karen Gillan
113-131 // Kristen Stewart
132-141 // The Lion King
142-150 // Misfits
151-160 // Terra Nova
161-169 // The Hobbit

everything is here at imemine_art
post will remain public until Jan 1st.
feel free to join/watch.
dr who - amy/eleven
7th-Feb-2012 05:15 pm - hunger games + actors
[08] The Hunger Games
[02] Josh Hutcherson
[02] Jennifer Lawrence

credit: boredess @ jiiive

view the icons here at jiiive
gg [cheers!]
23rd-Dec-2011 06:53 am - hunger games icons
[13] The Dark Knight
[07] The Hunger Games

credit: boredess @ jiiive

view the icons here at jiiive
httyd [toothless]
13th-Dec-2011 10:26 am(no subject)
01-55 Doctor Who
56-69 The Hunger Games
70-95 James Franco

see everything here at imemine_art
post will be public until december 20th.
feel free to join/watch for updates!
dr who - amy/eleven
8th-Dec-2011 10:45 am - Application/Promotion

Important announcement from the Capitol.
Hello Panem citizens we would like to direct your attention towards one of our newest sectors, goodmockingjay. It is a place for elite graphic makers to show off their skills and try to earn our favor. Only the best of the best will be able to come on out through the application process so make sure to come baring your best skills.

- The Capitol

To Promote:
7th-Feb-2011 04:32 pm - Affiliates

good_coloring; mintygraphix; siriuslyshagged; team_hemsworth; unapologise; panem_icontest; themockingjay;

If you'd like to affiliate with us please leave a comment. :)
7th-Feb-2011 12:57 am - Welcome.

Welcome to goodmockingjay, an elite Hunger Games Trilogy graphic community. We just opened up so please give us a few days to get the application and affiliates pages up!
fandom • aquaman
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